So you can’t have candles or incense… how do you represent fire on your altar?

In magic, fire is used commonly, but I don’t have to tell you all that. But it’s something that is used very often, from candles and incense. The south is represented by fire, usually, on an altar. Many altars have candles, incense holders. Common spells use candles and usually you need to light those. Many Candle Magic spells I’ve used ask for the candle to burn the whole time.

But, what if you can’t have an open flame for any of these?? What does one do??

If you can take your candle spell outside, I would suggest that. But that is not always an option.

I am going to say this a lot, and I’m sorry, but intent is the most important part of any spell. If you have the option for fire and if it helps you focus, then do what makes you happy and comfortable.

So you can’t light your candle, you can still carve into it, a name, sigils, what have you… then…
Download a responsive candle app For iPhone or for Droid , light that app up and blow out when you need to extinguish the flame.

Can’t buy candles for the spells? Write your needed stuff on a piece of paper and do the same.

What if you need altar candles? Have the candles and don’t light them. Or… electric candles. They come in so many cool versions now. Timed ones, ones where you can change the color, remote controlled, tall, short, thick… It’s still light. Looks like a candle.

What about incense? There are many reasons not being able to use incense. Allergies, an open flame, your parents might think you smoke pot. (When I was a teenager I tried to have incense and that was the first question they asked me. Yeah, I was smoking pot, but that’s not why I wanted it.) If open flames are the problem (like in dorm rooms) the meaning of the incense should still mean the same even not being lit.

If it’s the scent that’s important, try using a hot cup of tea of similar herbs. The movement of the steam coming out of the cup is similar in the smoke from incense. The representation is still there.

Hell, one of those room scent things can be a stand in. Which this and the electric lights also help you hide your witchcraft from non approving parents. It’s decoration to them.

Some other possibilities… gems. Gems are always a good stand in if you have them (no matter how small, even if its a gem in a piece of jewelry)
Rubies and amber are gems that represent fire and can also represent fire on your alter.

You know what I use the most? A cup of tea. It’s warm. There is steam. It’s fragrant. Easy to hide (it’s a beverage!) Easy to get rid of. (drank it all!) Also, there is something very magical about tea, I think you would agree.

Welcome! In which I introduce the concept of this blog

First matter of business, I am Icarus, your blogger, idea haver, teacher, and whatever to helping you practice your craft in secret (because of parents or no open flame rules in your dorm room and so on) or on a budget.

I believe that it’s all in the intent and that having the very beautiful, yet expensive, magic items are not necessary and that really anything can be reused are used instead to focus your intent. But there is nothing wrong with wanting the “real thing” and more power to you. Love it. Do it. Go with what you want, my friends!

Once a week(ish) I will update with a theme of what I will focus on per blog post when it comes to alter set ups and hopefully down the road a good list of easier and more affordable alternatives of herbs to use in spell work.

Second matter of business, why do I have the idea that I can be helpful? Well, I’m pretty much broke at all times. I live paycheck to paycheck and all of my fancy alter items were gifts or amazing thrift finds. I started out hiding my practice from my parents. I also really love the idea of Lazy Witch (which I am.) ((hee hee Witch Which. Witch Which is the Sand Witch who loves Sandwiches. Okay, I’m done, sorry)) and I love the multi-use of items.

Witchcraft is for everyone!

I will share a little bit of the Pagan side of stuff. The Religion and Spiritual side of stuff, but since my practice is only in Pop Culture Paganism, I cannot speak for the others who practice among other pantheons and so on. My wife, who I will ask nicely to be a guest writer on here, does dragon magic. If you want to guest write on here, please comment and say so or email me at

And the Third: If you have a specific question, please ask in the comments or email me at

I hope I can be helpful here!

My first blog will be about how to represent Fire on your alter when you can’t for various reasons. Look out for that.

So long! ❤